Artistic Director, Choreographer, Writer, Lead Teacher since 1998

Maya is an Artistic Director of MADLOM Choreographer/Director and a writer.
Maya started leading young people as a teenager herself in 1978 in her native Slovenia.

She studied Graham, ballet and choreography at the London School of Contemporary (GB), Cunningham with Merce Cunningham in NYC, and media and psychology at the New School (NYC).

She developed programs: Eight Steps To Creativity (In Collaboration with Reggie Workman) and The Art of Moving Theater and Choreography (ages 3 and up) Through Applied Moving Theater she started addressing wider stage practices in a specific social context, specific theater environment and work with special needs. She believes that choreography surrounds us everywhere and is breaking the borders of traditional thinking that choreography is only dance.

Her latest stage work includes:
DOS WORLDS (2018), Virtual Truth (2013, Elektrarna, Ljubljana), Sound and Soundless Moving Spaces (with Reggie Workman, Ken Vandermark, Andrej Hocevar and Tina Dobaj at Michiko Studios, NYC – 2013), Guernica Continuum (2012, SNG Maribor, SLO) European Cultural Capitol Festival, I Hear With My Eyes (2011, SNG Maribor, SLO – multimedia: movement, sound, film, robotics).

Recognized stage works Moon Above Mississippi, Tristan, and Isolda, Jocasta, Clytemnestra, The Night Bird, Closed Door, Fragments in Fabula, Abstractions (Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC), Impressions, etc.
In 2012 she directed a documentary film I Hear With My Eyes (addressing race)
She created shorts with young students: What’s Wrong With The World, Jazz Seen Through Our Eyes, and What Not To Do.