MADLOM is dedicated to the creative development of each student through dance, drama and drumming, spoken word, moving theater, and video. We bring up leaders and confident individuals that learn to critically and creatively think.  Work at MADLOM, surpasses the intellectual illusion of what art has been or might be. MADLOM gives the students the voice to lead the creative process.  

We strive for a creative and developmentally appropriate, rewarding, and joyful process with an emphasis on artistic literacy and creative and critical thinking.

Our classes are inclusive for students ages three through eighteen. A partnership is cultivated between students, teachers, and the community.

Our work matters especially during the years when there is a window of opportunity for creative abilities to be cultivated and imagination to be unleashed. Every individual has a different way of learning, therefore we incorporate to all multiple intelligences.


“Dance is an intellectual and physical activity possible because there is a mind-body connection. It involves the whole person in its construction”   The Arts as Meaning Makers:  (Integrating Literature and the Arts Throughout the Curriculum By Claudia E. Cornett, Ph.D., Wittenberg University)

“Dance provides a primary medium for expression involving the total self (not just a part, as the voice) or totally separated from the physical self (like painting or sculpture)” (Fleming, 1990, p.5)


James Baldwin

“A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and he must let us know, that there is nothing stable under heaven.”


 Leonardo Da Vinci

It should not be hard for you to stop something and look into the stains on walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places in which… you may find marvelous ideas.”                 



“A physical action is easier to grasp than a psychological attitude; it is more accessible than an elusive inner feeling. It is easier to capture, is more concrete, more readily perceived. Physical action is connected with all other elements.


Maya Milenovic Workman

“Finding the origin of images and ideas in any of the many different areas of the arts, such as (but not limited to) dance, theatre, film, music, painting, sculpture, etc., is what I’m honored and intrigued to do with pupils of any age anywhere. This process acquires new meanings, and answers to how can these images be understood, articulated, and applied. This creates communication and an individual is brought to their source of power.”