1. MADLOM is a non-profit performing arts laboratory dedicated to the creative development of each student through music, dance, theater, spoken word, story telling, acting and drumming. Our mission is cultivating a supportive and interdisciplinary artistic environment for creative expression, writing and individual growth. Our students learn through a 16-week semester. They are encouraged to choreograph, direct and create plays, write poems, improvise, create rhythmic phrases and master skills. Because the students learn in their own way step by step, they learn in depth.
  2. We strive for a developmentally appropriate, rewarding and joyful process for each student, with an emphasis on gaining artistic literacy, creative expression and writing, leadership and ultimately, self-confidence.
  3. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of children, teens, and adults through the arts.
  4. We are after school activity
  5. We offer classes for students of ages 3-18, needs and abilities in a non-competitive, collaborative environment, including special needs students!