1. MADLOM is dedicated to the creative development of each student and groups of students through dance, drama and drumming, spoken word, moving theater and video.
  2. We bring up leaders and confident individuals that learn to: choreograph, direct and write plays. They learn dance, acting and drumming skills. Some pursue arts.
  3. Work at MADLOM, surpasses intellectual illusion of what art has been or might be.
  4. We strive for a creative and developmentally appropriate, rewarding and joyful process with an emphasis on artistic literacy, creative and critical thinking, and leadership.
  5. Our classes are inclusive for students ages three through eighteen.
  6. Students experience a non-competitive  collaborative work and conflict resolution
  7. A partnership is cultivated between students, teachers and community
  8. We look for inspiration, authenticity and creativity, use intuition and work through improvisation.
  9. Our work matters especially during the years when there is a window of opportunity for creative abilities to be cultivated and imagination to be unleashed. Every individual has a different way of learning, therefore we tend to all multiple intelligences
  10. We are inspired by: Leonardo Da Vinci, Stanislavsky, Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Katheryn Dunham, Merce Cunningham, Pablo Picasso, Basquiat, Jean Miro, Magritte, John Cage, John Coltrane, Reggie Workman, Charles Mingus, Aborigines Art & Music, African Drumming, Asian Music;
  11. Stories such as: Anansi The Spider, Peter and a Wolf, Copelia, Swan Lake, and Ms. G Clef Makes Peace
  12. Stories by: Maya Angelou, Beckett, Shakespeare, our own students’ stories, and stories by Ms Maya.
  13. Students explore their creative spirits through drumming, dance, ballet, acting, film and the spoken word as well as performance technique & skill. They seek an inspiration in visual art, quality and styles of movcement as well as stories from current events, schools, families and friends. Their imagination is welcomed at every moment. Parents see the results in a focused, and creative child who has grown through the process and found strength through (all) arts. Some students continue on a professional path. Students have the desire and imagination already. We help them put those thoughts and feelings into motion, words and expressions so they can satisfy their creative core.
  14. MADLOM gives the students power and the voice to lead, self confidence, opportunity to create