What We Are

reggie-banner2MA DLOM is a non-profit performing arts laboratory. We are a school and a transformative experience for students from 3 to 18 in the Montclair area.

Students get out of MA DLOM the self-confidence to explore their creative spirits through music, dance, acting, film and the spoken word as well as strong performance technique.

Parents see the results in a focused, creative child who has grown through the experience and finds strength through art. A student gains knowledge to continue in a professional direction.

We teach students that they can grow into what inspires them. They have the desire and imagination already. We help them explore how to put those thoughts and feelings into motion, words and expressions so they can satisfy their creative spirits.

We started off as an idea that we put to the test in our living room in Montclair. The kids loved it and parents asked us for more and more and we created this school. It’s really more of a laboratory where we explore creative thinking, music, storytelling and movement and how that fits into the lives of each child in our after school program.