Honoring Reggie


Reggie Workman inaugurated MADLOM with Lisa Mozer and Maya Milenovic Workman into a non-profit performing arts laboratory and a transformative experience for students from 3 to 18. Students explore their creative spirits through drumming the African rhythms, dance, ballet, acting, film and the spoken word as well as strong performance technique. Parents see the results in a focused, creative child who has grown through the experience and finds strength through art. A student gains knowledge to continue also in a professional direction. Students have the desire and imagination already. We help them put those thoughts and feelings into motion, words and expressions so they can satisfy their creative spirits.
20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: On May 20, 2018 at 6:45 to after 9:00 pm (BANGZ 23 S. Fullerton, Montclair) we will be giving back by honoring Reggie Workman, his work, his legacy and his dedication to educating young kids. MADLOM ALUMNI are SURPISING REGGIE: Adan Carlo Feliciano and Robin Baytas, (professional musicians), will create a MUSIC surprise. MADLOM current drummers will perform with William Pew, and M’Ten Halsey; Ayana Workman  (Actor) will host, and Reggie Workman will perform with his students from the New School (Zachary Kirsimae, Alon Benjamini, Asaf-Even-Zur). MADLOM families, friends of MADLOM and MADLOM Alumni, we need you there!