Who We Are

MADLOM Artistic director:

Maya Milenovic Workman

MADLOM Board Members:

Maya Milenovic Workman, Jon Rosenhein
Alicia Lukachko, Cate Bailey, Lisbhet Garcia

MADLOM Friends of the Board:

Kathryn Arabia, Tracy Allen, Eleni Luna

Nick Lewis, Dan Bull, William Scheckel


MADLOM Honorary Board members:

Kathryn Arabia – Principal and Early Childhood Educator
Linda Brumbach – Art Producer
Andrew Cyrille – Legendary Drummer and Educator
Philip Glass – A composer of “music with repetitive structures”
Kenneth Tharp – Choreographer, dancer London
Nasheet Waits – World Touring Drummer
Reggie Workman – Legendary Jazz Bassist, Educator, recipient of Living Legend Award

MADLOM PR/Marketing/Social Media:

Kristin Wald, Cate Bailey, Eleni Luna, Karla Chee-a-tow

MADLOM Constant Contact:

Madeline Machuca


MADLOM Web Design:

Dan Bull
William Scheckel

MADLOM Teachers, Guest Teachers and Assistant Teachers:
(for more about our teachers, read their bios here)

Maya Milenovic Workman, M’ten Halsey, Ayana Workman, Mike Barton, Lisa Rosenberg, Trisha Kelly, William Pew, Grant and Garret Burroughs & guests: Reggie Workman, Neal Lerner, Mary Change and more.