MADLOM 2017/2018

The power of collaborative work

MADLOM is a Tri State Multi-Arts- Avademy of Dance and Laboratory of music. We recognize that students have numerous intelligence and abilities and that they learn differently. We direct the students to their source of power, which is creative expression. Students become independent thinkers that have the voice. They are encouraged to lead and become ground-breaking of the new in literature, public speaking, leadership, creative theater performance, music, visual arts & media; sciences & math, television & film.

We offer two semesters per school calendar

The lenght of semesters allows for students to experience a MADLOM course curriculum, divided into introduction, basics, evolution and presentation. In class we work to help each student achieve their full creative potential.


Maya Milenovic Workman (Artistic Director) or Madlom Team:

FALL: 2017 begins September 15

Physical Theater begins October 12

SPRING: 2018 begins February 5

Physical Theater begins February 15

For students wishing to deepen their technique we recommend a combination of classes.




SPRING: Reggie Workman visiting DRUM classes


GALA FUNDRAISING CONCERT MAY 20, 2018 –  Honoring our founder and jazz legend Reggie Workman with inviting MADLOM alumni musicians Adan Carlo Feliciano, Robin Baytas, MADLOM drummers, William Pew, New School Students, hosted by Ayana Workman

JUNE 9, 2018  – MADLOM End Year Performance

JUNE, 2018 Brunch/Potluck – TBA




PRIVATE LESSONS in drumming and ballet upon request – Maya M. Workman & Grant Burroughs


We Follow Montclair Public School Calendar; for imediate updates reach out to: (973) 626 6130


FIFTEEN (15-16) classes per semester
TWELVE (12-13) classes per semester, Physical Theater & Acting

1) Fill out: Registration Form (Online or print & send)
2) Pay on line with Pay Pal (ADD $5.00 processing fee)
3) Send us a check: Madlom, 41 Watchung Plaza, #324, Montclair, NJ 07042

Early Bird registration
Reserve & sign up  the space by writing to
And register before September 8, 2017 (Fall semester 2017)
And register before January 31, 2018 (Spring semester 2018)
Registration Fee is Waived and 10% deduction from regular price  (see bellow) applies

Regular Registration
After September 8  (Fall 2017), after January 31 (Spring 2018)

Registration fees for a year!

$35 first child + $10 second child + $10 third child

1 class (15 sessions) = $299
Physical Theater & Acting (12 sessions) = $250
2 classes = $530
2 classes & Physical Theater & Acting as a second class = $480
3 classes = $780
3 classes with Physical Theater & Acting as a third class = $690

Payment plan is available
No refunds after third class



Creative Movement & Story project for the youngest team!

Ages 3 to 5
Maya 4:00 – 4:45

Imagine and create by observing paintings and listen to stories. Develop inner strength through joy of movement. Discover the space around you and introduce length of time & dance steps. (The goal is to encourage creativity, confidence, strength, kinesthetic awareness, dance steps and teamwork). WE WILL ADD PERCUSSION! We will read and imagine Anansi The Spider, Copelia, Nutcracker and Peter and the Wolf. (Bare feet, ballet shoes are optional, loose clothes)

Moving Theater, Modern Dance, Choreography & Story Project (Level 1)

Ages 5 to 7
Maya 4:45 – 5:40

(1) Explore the space and observe Visual Art (2) train in the modern dance, intro ballet (3) Introduce story telling through movement and beginning ballet (4) Concepts of choreography, timing and images. (5) Picasso, Magritte, Kandinsky, Dali and Basquiat inspire us and ‘come alive’.  We encourage individuality, creative & critical thinking & communication. Imagination helps develop a thought.WE WILL ADD PERCUSSION, drum sticks and create movement rhythms.  (The goal is to encourage creativity, confidence, kinesthetic awareness, dance steps & ballet, movement combinations, teamwork communication). (Bare feet, ballet shoes are optional, loose clothes)

Moving Theater, Modern Dance and Choreography & Story Project (Level 2) – Introduce Physical Theater

Ages 71/2 – 10
Maya 5:40 – 6:40

(1) Explore the space, engage and reason through specific thought process. Critical and creative thinking in a frendly and safe space evolve (2) training in MODERN DANCE  and choreography! (3) Leadership and directing inspired by visual art in short class studies. (4) BALLET barre is introduced. The class offers a strong base to further development of modern dance skill, theater and ballet (5) Students create, and develop ability to lead. (The goal is to encourage individuality, and creative & critical thinking; strong modern dance technique, strengthening and stretching, confidence, movement memory & combinations and teamwork communication). (6) We will introduce physical theater and explore the characters.
(Bare feet, ballet shoes are optional, loose clothes)


Beginning Djembe Drumming, Poetry and Story Project

Ages 4 to 6 (PK-Kinderkarten)
Maya  4:05–4:45

(1) The students are encouraged to create own rhythms, poems, add a joyous African Djembe Drumming & movement. (2) Introduce the story of Ms G Cle & read the music. Students get a chance to put movement and rhythm & patterns into the space. (3) Rhythm is in everyone; it can be brought out through focused learning. (Goal is to help youngest learners to focus and create)
(Dress code: Loose clothes) 

Ballet (Level 1+2)

Ages 7 – 10
Maya and guests
4:45 – 5:45

Ballet placement, speed of movement, how to work from the core
This class works within ballet vocabulary: ballet barre, center and across the floor. The positions of the feet and arms define standard placements of the feet (in combination with arms). The class encourages control and poise, while teaching arm and leg coordination. Building flexibility and strength are encouraged. This class is recommended for boys and girls and is essential to develop stronger modern dance technique.
(Dress code; black or pink combination, ballet slippers, hair must be neatly secured in a bun or twist).

Modern Dance & Choreography & Story Project & Performance (Level 3)

Ages 10 -15
Maya  5:45 – 7:15

(1) This class is all about creativity and invention! (2) Students & the teacher collaborate! Students develop abilities to lead, direct and examine performance. They also work under Maya’s leadership. (3) Development of individuality & critical thinking is emphasized. (3) Students are required to write their impressions. (4) The class performs six times per year (5) Modern dance, based in Graham and Cunningham and improvisation, strengthening and stretching is practiced. (Bare feet & loose clothes) In class STORY PROJECT COMPANY.

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Ballet (Intermediate Level)

Ages 10 – 15
Guests and Maya
Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00

This class continues exploring ballet vocabulary and work at the ballet barre, center and across the floor. Body alignment is the key (Feet, hips, shoulders, head) to further work on turnout (rotation outward) and extensions. Positions of the arms and legs as well as 9 basic directions of the body are explored. Small jumps transferring to larger jumps across the floor are practiced in every class. Students are advised how to stretch at home. Movement memory is developed. This class is for boys and girls.
(Dress code black and pink combination, ballet slippers, hair must be neatly secured).


Physical Theater & Acting

(Level 1+ 2)

Ages 9 – 15
Mike Barton, Ayana Workman and Maya
Thursday 5:00 – 6:30 (Spring semester starts February 15)

This class is for young actors and modern dancers and athletes

(1) This class will offer Level 1+ 2 to physical theater, drama and acting (2) we will build our own THEATER PLAY, and analyze the characters derived from world’s literacy, and how we tweak or change characters (3) we will evolve the beginning, middle and end of stories. (4) the student is encouraged to come up with their own ideas! (5) all is possible (6) we will read from Shakespeare and Beckett
(Dress code loose clothes, bare feet, yoga mat)


Every drum class starts with warm up of hands and body.

DRUM (Djembe drum) & Poetry & Movement
(Level 1 A begins at 4:00-4:45, ages 5-6)
(Level 1B)

Ages 6 to 8
Maya, Grant, William  (& Garret)
Friday 4:15 – 5:00

(1) The students work on their djembe drumming skill (2) Creation of poems and rhythms is welcomed. (3) Basic music notations and how to create rhythm, poetry is encouraged. (4) An added benefit of drumming is emotional regulation, the development of focus, and pre-literacy skills. Children are exposed to African rhythms (Kuku, Mwana, Funga, Isokota).
(Dress code: loose clothes)

DRUM (Djembe drum) & Poetry & Movement (Level 2)

Ages 8 -10
M’ten Halsey, Grant (& Garrett), Maya & William
Friday 5:00 – 6:00

(1) Polyrhythm’s (each hand plays one side)  (2) faster speed of playing (3) This class is excellent to encourag focused learning. The students continue to create their own poems and rhythms in addition to learning African rhythms such as Kuku, Lamba, N’Kwanga, Funga, Yembala, Samba, Funky Madlom, etc.  The group is encouraged to perform.
(Dress code: loose clothes)

DRUM (Djembe drum & Dun Dun drum) (Level 3)

Ages 10 – 15
M’ten Halsey, Grant (& Garrett) & William (& Maya)
Friday 5:45 – 6:45

(1) On this level our students explore advance levels of drumming. Participants must be invited by teachers. Once on this level, drumming becomes a skill. This class is excellent to help focus learning in school. It encourages discipline, and strong listening skills. The group is encouraged to perform as leaders of drum ensemble.
(Dress code: loose clothes)