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To register for a MADLOM class, please either click here to print and complete this form (send to address bellow)
Or fill out the online form below.
Early Bird Registration Before January 25, 2017 (Spring semester):

Registration Fee Waived + 10% Off Regular Prices
If you register early, Registration Fee is Waived, 10% deduction from Regular Prices (see bellow) applies – YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

Please send the check and form to:
41 Watchung Plaza #324
Montclair, NJ 07042
Or pay with PayPal
(Please note, a $5 fee is charged for paying through PayPal)

TEL: (973) 626 6130
Skype: Mayamw18


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Regular Registration after January 25 (Spring 2017):
New students add fee: $35 first child + $ 10 second child + $ 10 third child

1 class = $299 / Physical Theater & Acting (12 sessions) = $250

2 classes = $530
2 classes with drama as a second class = $480

3 classes = $780
3 classes with drama as a third class = $690)

Payment plans are available, as are a limited number of partial work scholarships.
No refunds after third week!