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Last year, your generous support allowed MADLOM to provide scholarships for 3 students as well as to cover our school’s operating costs and fantastic teachers.

Our hope for 2015 is to increase access to our programs to children and teens with financial need add by adding to our scholarship fund. Providing children with a pathway to develop their innate creativity, critical thinking skills and authentic voice is vital work and we deeply appreciate your continued support over the past 17 years.

All of us at MADLOM make it our mission to help children from all walks of life find their path and with your help, we can do it.

At this time of year, your support is more important than ever. Please consider a tax deductible donation to allow us to continue this important work.

This year, your donations will help:

  • Ensure that our classroom mirrors Montclair and surrounding areas with its diversity and cultural richness
  • Support and grow our dedicated faculty of teaching artists
  • Provide much needed drums for our classes
  • Develop our new Physical Theater program for youth
  • Create the MADLOM “Futura Continuum Theater Company”

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