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Story Telling Video From Fall 2013

MADLOM – Experience the Journey
What’s Wrong With The World? – A Film by MADLOM Students
How We Work

Q: What is MADLOM?

A: At MADLOM, we love the arts and are inspired by, Picasso, Coltrane, Miro, Martha Graham, Robert Wilson and Pina Bausch, the drums of Africa and the rhythms we hear inside ourselves that speed up when we see our students get excited by their own creativity.

Q: What is your program like?

A: Through process, our students discover their own creativity and enhance their technique and physical ability. They start to think outside of a box. We teach modern dance, ballet, choreography, drumming and poetry, acting & Physical Theater and the Story Project. The journey to a creative & self-confident spirit takes the entire lives; but you will see a difference in your child after even just one semester .

Q: What kind of results will I see in my child after a MADLOM class?

A: You can expect to see a greater and stronger focus and confidence. Many students lose focus which has a big impact on their performance in school. At MADLOM, they focus on their creativity and passions, which is fun. They will learn the focus to complete any task. Giving your child this kind of creative outlet will give a need to discover and imagine. You will see this has positive benefits in even the things they once considered mundane.

Q: What kind of students do you work with?

A: MADLOM works with students from all walks of life. Whether your child is 3 or 18, has special needs or not, from any economic background, he or she will find the place at MADLOM.

Q: What makes MADLOM different from other after school programs?

A: MADLOM founders (interdisciplinary artist Maya Milenovic Workman, Jazz Legend Reggie Workman and artist Elisabeth Mozer) designed the laboratory where students collaborate through breath, understanding, and sharing images and ideas. It is this passion for imagination and exploration that makes MADLOM a special place to discover the strength that art can give.


Q: I’’ve heard you approach dance differently from other schools. What is it you do?

A: Research says that the choreography is emancipating itself from dance, and engaging in a vibrant process of articulation in many areas. Choreographers are experimenting with new models of production, which can be applied to the daily challenges our students face. At MADLOM these alternative ways have enlarged the understanding of choreography. We differ from the commercialized representation of dance. We bring forward focus, self-organization, individual empowerment, individual thinking, directorial- choreographic leadership, problem solving in time and space, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Grace can be taught while the real goal is self-confidence. We don’t want to sacrifice one for the other. Our students deserve it all.

Q: How long has MADLOM been in Montclair?

A: Maya and Reggie with Elizabeth Mozer founded MADLOM in 1998. They became 501-c-3 in 2001.

Q: What else do I need to know before I sign up my child?

A: Please review our schedule and policies before registering [LINK]. You may also be interested in what students like yours have said about us.