FALL 2019

We are honorred and excited to announce that MADLOM PROGRAMS WILL BE at the MONTCLAIR COOPERATIVE SCHOOL “ANNEX”, at 65 Chestnut ST, Montclair NJ 07042, Questions:

MAY, 2018
20 Anniversary, Honorring Reggie Workman,

On Sunday, May 20th, 2018 we hosted our 20th Year Anniversary Gala & Benefit Concert featuring performances by Reggie Workman with alumnus Adan Carlo Feliciano & Robin Baytas, William Pew, Ayana Workman, MADLOM Drummers, and Asaf-Even-Zur, Alon Benjamini, Zachary Kirsimae.

Adan Carlo Feliciano, 2019
Robin Baytas, 2019





   Getty Images, Reggie Workman with John Coltrane, 1961
There are at least 2500 students who came to MADLOM, stayed, or passed through.
Photos by Anna Esterina Valerin and Lisa Rosen