20-year Gala




“At MADLOM our work surpasses intellectual illusion of what art has been or might be. We bring up leaders.”
On Sunday, May 20th, 2018 we hosted our 20th Year Anniversary Gala & Benefit Concert featuring performances by Reggie Workman with alumnus Adan Carlo Feliciano & Robin Baytas, William Pew, Ayana Workman, MADLOM Drummers, and musicians from The New School: Asaf-Even-Zur, Alon Benjamini, Zachary Kirsimae.

Adan Carlo Feliciano
Robin Baytas





   Getty Images, Reggie Workman with John Coltrane
In the summer of 1998, Mr. Reggie helped Maya and Lisa inaugurate MADLOM, which moved from the living room to our studio. Mr. Reggie has pure love for kids, and young adults, understanding that kids need a powerful base to blossom, and stay on track to become incredible individuals. When Adan Carlo Feliciano was 18, Grant Burroughs had just started to drum, and now Grant is 18, ready to lead drummers at any college he chooses to go to.
There are at least 2500 students who came to MADLOM, stayed, or passed through.
Photos by Anna Esterina Valerin and Lisa Rosen