Parents & Students Say


All of us at MADLOM take great pride in what we do, but nothing makes us more proud than the impact we have on our students and families. Here’s what they have to say about our classes:

  I came to MADLOM as an eleven-year-old kid with a mild interest in drumming and the beginnings of a poem. They turned that into a passion for music and writing that has carried me throughout school, into college, and hopefully through the rest of my career. Not only did MADLOM give me the performance experience normally reserved for musicians with years under their belt, but helped instill in me the mentality that music could and should be more than just a hobby, but something I pursue as a lifelong dream.
Daryl Uberoi Student

  I started as a student with Maya Milenovic Workman 15 years ago, and I can proudly say that my experiences at MADLOM have stayed with me this whole time. I learned the beautiful skills of dancing, acting, and writing through the most individualistic and creative methods. Through performing I mastered the art of discipline and stage presence that exceeds the abilities of most around me. I can honestly say that I attained a uniqueness that affects my everyday; my writing, schooling, work environment and interaction with people. I am not only blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of peers, but am humbled in the second family MADLOM became to me.
Alexandra Volcy Student

  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful classes during the fall intensive. I truly enjoyed meeting you. I learned many things that I will be able to incorporate into my life, as an actor, and as a human being. I will be returning in either the winter or spring for a semester. I hope to see you!
David Shupe Adult Student

  The whole celebration was beautiful last night. It was clear how dedicated the kids were and how much work went into the whole thing. My husband was just blown away by what the kids can do.
Katherine Wandersee Parent

  Beautiful evening last night! I had tears in my eyes at the end with those wonderful young people and their right-on sentiments! You have brought out so much in each of your students. I’m amazed and awed!
Angel, Lily, Moose and Ruby Kenney MADLOM Family

  We all had a great time on Sat. Thank you for bringing such creative and diverse energy to Montclair and our lives. You are a blessing to us all!
–Madlom Family

  Tonight was wonderful. Emily had such a good time and was very proud of her. Her grandparents were very impressed. Thank you for all you does for the kids.
Lisa Shapiro Parent

  I thought the Moving Theater and the Choreography/Drama piece that followed were the best I’ve seen yet from MADLOM! Imaginative and delightful! The little ones were splendid too. I hope you are feeling very proud of the students and yourself. I think it’s so important that you give these kids a place to invent and think creatively. You put so much work into making the recital happen and it all paid off. As a parent and spectator, thank you so much. And Congratulations.
Molly Zaidi Parent

  My family would like to congratulate you for such a wonderful event and we want you to know that we are very grateful for embracing Sophie and having you as her dance instructor. She loves your class and we hope to keep her under your tutelage for many years to come. Thank you for your dedication and all the wonderful memories that you are building for us.
Cynthia, Paul and Sophie Idrovo MADLOM Family

  I just wanted to let you know how amazing I thought Friday night was – really special and it was so inspiring to see all of your work on so many different levels. You are doing such beautiful work and I hope that the community continues to support your vision. It is rare to see that kind of arts connection in children and I feel truly blessed that Molly and Jonah have an opportunity to be a part of your wonderful community.
Linda Brumbach Parent