Artistic tallent

M”ten Halsey, Reggie Workma, Sonia Sanchez, Jerry Allen
Pheeron Ak Laff, Billy Heart, Adan Carlo Feliciano, Robin Baytas, Asaf – even – zur, Alon Benjamini, Zachari Kirsimae, Ayana Workman, William Pew, Grant Burroughs, Yahaya Kamate, Koko Jones, Oliver Lake, Corry Cox, Asaf Yuria, Lenart Krecic, Jon Luks, Lisa Peluso, Patrice De Lugos, Tom McKie, Mike Barton

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Dan Bull, William Scheckel, Gregor and Jackie Robinsob, Christy Burke, Kristin Wald, Audrey Blake Breheney, Amanda Ansorage, Hiker, Lisbhet Garcia, Sindja Johnson, Anna Galassi – Valerin

Jennifer and Warren Hanawald, Amanda Ansorage and Gregory Clark, Anonimous donor (2014),
Angela Beekers and Hank Uberoi, Jon Rosenhein and Ellen Lowitz, Christy Burke, Selma and Goran Avdicevic, John Coltrane Foundation, The Wallace Foundation

Honorary Board Members & scholarship support & in-kind services

Lisbhet Garcia, Cate Bailey, Cheryl Marshal Petricoff, Nick Lewis and Judith Rinearson
Grace Chow Grund, Alicia Lukachko, Cheryl Reynolds, Cathy Arabia, Christine Burke,
Emily Rosenblum and Steve Lucas, Donna Fontana, Cathy Jackson   Family Divine Carter, Kristin Wald David Trout and Shawn D. Trout, Ulysses Kilgore, Jerry Freed, Lisa Land, Mary Ellen and Jeffrey Togman, Eve Robinson and Tom Fraioli, Estelle Robinson, Jane Suswein, Carolyn De Vito,Gloria Trabuco, Catherine Vajda, Sudha Wadhwani, Family Russo, Jim Drennen, Family Pew, Chaplan,, Family Saraco – Polner, Family Zaidi,
Family Brenner, Family Dunnel, Maria Margate, Family Barr, Family Burroughs
Family Eden, Leigh Gilmore and Bruce Gillman, Donovan Lytle, Thomas Lee, Suhan Kardan, Family Arad-Rotman, Family Brick, Family Shang, Kier and Chuck Jackson, Nick Lewis, Nora Chavoosian, Family Saraco – Polner, Family Galassi Valerin, Mary Ellen Togman and Jeffrey Togman, Gisela and John Acevado, Jennifer Hanawald, Selma Avdicevic, Joanna Da Toca Raines,  Terra at Isabel Rose Cafe, Bangz,  Whole Foods

Other financial support

We receive donations from MADLOM families, friends and alumni who participate in MADLOM celebrations, peace chains and MADLOM performances and recitals.

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